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Discovery Day in Lexington, Massachusetts

Discovery Day in Lexington, MA makes us proud to be members of this community! Kids & adults alike had a blast with our "Test Your Memory" game and basket of fun prizes, and we had a blast making so many new friends! The event was full of a diverse group of vendors - we enjoyed performances from local musical and dance groups, tested new foods from favorite local spots like BIY Foods and Fiorella's, picked up environmentally-mindful gifts made of local honey from The Lexington Bee Company & Lexington High School's Bee Club, and browsed shoes from Michaelson's Shoes (the force behind the whole event!).

Thank you to Michaelson's Shoes for organizing this, and for everyone who came and chatted with us! We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this event and connect with so many wonderful people and organizations. See you next year! ♡

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